VWAP Cloud

VWAP Cloud

VWAP Cloud

Do you love VWAP? So you will love the VWAP Cloud. What is it? Is your very well known VWAP indicator plus 3-levels of Standard Deviation plotted on your chart and totally configurable by you. This way you can have real Price Support and Resistance levels. To read more about this just search the web for “VWAP Bands” “VWAP and Standard Deviation”.


VWAP Timeframe: Hourly, Daily, Weekly or Monthly.
VWAP calculation Type. The classical calculation is Typical: (H+L+C)/3
Averaging Period to be used on VWAP Bands calculation.
Band #1, #2 and #3 Standard Deviation coeficient.
Volume type tp be used on VWAP calculation: Real Volume or Ticks.

Please note that this indicator in order to be useful needs calibration. You must calibrate it taking in consideration the chart timeframe you are using, the type pof Symbol being traded and its volatility range, so you can change the Stantandard Deviation parameters accordingly.

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VWAP Cloud

VWAP Cloud

VWAP Cloud

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