PZ Inside Bars MT5

PZ Inside Bars MT5

PZ Inside Bars MT5

This indicator detects inside bars of several ranges, making it very easy for price action traders to spot and act on inside bar breakouts.

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Easy to use and understand
Customizable color selections
The indicator implements visual/mail/push/sound alerts
The indicator does not repaint or backpaint
An inside bar is a bar or series of bars which is/are completely contained within the range of the preceding bar.

A blue box is a bullish breakout of an inside bar
A red box is a bearish breakout of an inside bar
A green box is an inside bar which breakout direction is yet unknown
This indicator will only detect inside bars when they break at bar closing, provided no high or low broke the formation previously.

Indicator Parameters
Min Range: Minimum range in bars of the inside bar formation
Max Range: Maximum range in bars for the inside bar formation
Max History Bars: Max history bars to analize when the indicator loads
Drawing Settings: Colors and sizes of price boxes
Alerts: Enable or disable alerts of all kinds

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Arturo López Pérez, private investor and speculator, software engineer and founder of Point Zero Trading Solutions.

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